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Nevada Check Up

In the case that you do not qualify for Medicaid and yet you still cannot afford health insurance, your children can be covered under the state designed program called Nevada Check Up. This is a program for children of low income families who, for some reason, do not qualify for Medicaid and still have no medical coverage. This applies to children up to 19 years of age who meet eligibility standards similar to Medicaid.

For families at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level, the children are eligible for Nevada Check Up. For a family of three, this will be equivalent to an annual income of $30,040 or a monthly income of $2,504.

If the child is eligible to be covered by Nevada Check Up, the coverage is for one year unless the child moves to another state, enrolls in Medicaid, is found to have other health insurance, or becomes financially ineligible. This program still covers children when they are traveling outside of the state, just not if they move permanently.

Benefits for the Nevada Check Up program include Well Baby/Well child visits, prescription drugs, mental health benefits, immunization and dental and vision care. This is very broad coverage and ensures your child is protected in all areas.

Applications for the Nevada 4 Check Up can be found at nationwide at various locations such as Family Resource Centers, schools, Boy and Girl Scouts Clubs, Welfare district offices, and other outreach locations in Nevada. Applications can also be sent to your home upon request by calling a toll free number.

Nevada Check Up is an excellent program Nevada offers that should certainly be taken advantage of by families who have a low income yet do not meet federal requirements for Medicaid. Obtaining health insurance for your child will be the best decision of your life and will give you the relief that your child will be covered in case of an illness or unexpected injury.