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Other Assistance Programs in Nevada

If for some reason you do not have health insurance and are unable to receive Medicaid or Nevada Check Up, there are a few other options that you may be able to choose. These are options for children in cases where a new child is born or children do not need insurance imminently but would like coverage for prevention of illness or health problems and general check up exams.

The Child Health Assurance Program, called CHAP, provides Medicaid coverage for pregnant women and children who are six years old or younger, as long as the woman has an income of less than 133 percent of the federal poverty level. CHAP can also be offered to children older than six born after September 30, 1983 with income below 100 percent of the federal poverty level. To apply for CHAP, simply go to a Nevada State Welfare District Office.

Healthy Kids is another program for children, like CHAP, that offers mostly preventive healthcare for Medicaid eligible infants, children and young adults under the age of 22. This is offered to families with an income above the TANF standards but under the poverty limits in CHAP. Benefits include immunizations, yearly physical examinations, referrals for developmental problems, vision, hearing and dental problems in addition to family problems.

Lastly, the MOMS program is a program offered for Medicaid recipients or eligible applicants. This program offers prenatal care for pregnant women, family planning and childbirth classes. Much like Planned Parenthood, all kinds of childbirth preparation is offered along with Psychological and Social Services such as domestic violence counseling and support.

If you or your children do not have health insurance or have Medicaid but are not given coverage for maternity care, MOMS is a wonderful program that does not require a high income. This is specifically designed to help mothers in need, and ensure that all pregnant women are given the support they need to give birth to a healthy child and plan for its upbringing.